Integrity – ARC Thursday Bible Study Sept-19-2019 1 5/5 (1)

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ARC Thursday Bible Study Sept-19-2019 with sister Edwards looked at Integrity with some introduction about the Character Traits of Jesus. And our character is often seen as how people see or perceive one to be. It’s sometimes misunderstood or misinterpreted. And a good reputation is hard (but not impossible) to gain back if it’s damaged by others. Our integrity in all areas of our life is essential, as Pastor Edwards said.

As sister Edwards mentioned tonight, to strive to live a life of integrity is one of the most important character features anyone can have. A character trait without integrity will not last if it’s not done within the context of the Bible.

To live a life full of integrity, we need to also be humble, show empathy in helping to lift someone up while being humble, show goodness, have authenticity or being genuine, among other things. We need to have honesty with integrity in our minds and have that all day long. What’s in our minds will become our actions and hence our lifestyle.

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